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Amber Salt Body Scrub


Image of Amber Salt Body Scrub

- Amber Oils are unisex and have a beautiful aromatic scent. The Amber Salt Scrub can be used for feet and body . Formulated to soften, hydrate, purify, and smooth rough skin

-Dead Sea Salt is filled with minerals such as magnesium, zinc, sulfur, etc. to unclog and detox skin. Softens rough areas and leaves dry skin moisturized

- Epsom Salt - contains magnesium and aids in relieving tense and aching muscles

-grape seed oil is rich in Vitamin E and provide antioxidants for the skin

-Apricot Oil is rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E while providing the skin with antioxidants that go beneath the skin's surface and provide deep moisture

- Has the scent of aromatic Amber oil