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🔥Num Nums Soap - small bits and pieces of our Natural and Handmade soaps . Six Different soaps inside the package . No two soaps are the same . These small soap pieces may not be esthetically pleasing , but your skin will not complain . They All have Different scents and healing properties . All Tame Beauty soaps are formulated for Sensitive skin . You may not want to show them off , but they pack a big bubbly punch during your bath or shower . You will want not , with our waste not attitudes here at Tame Beauty!
Among the Num Nums you have:
Turmeric Soap- helps fade dark spots balance hyperpigmentation. Rid acne.
Black Soap- Detox soap, absorbs dirt, oil and toxins from skin use sparingly!
Turmeric and Calendula Soap- anti-inflammatory, soothing for rashes, irritated dry skin
Sea Moss Soap-Smooths, tightens, moisturizes
Yoni Soap-All Natural Feminine Bar
Turmeric Berry Soap-Sweet berry aroma while helping to fade dark spots.
Nt wt. 8oz