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Hair Crush


Image of Hair Crush
  • Image of Hair Crush

Get a wonderful moisturizing hair oil duo that you can incorporate into your hair care plan. The 3 in 1 oil helps to keep your hair moisturized daily and is light weight. The Gimme Moore hair oil is smooth and deep moisturizing causing a little to go a long way in your bottle and in your routine. Watch your hair stay lively and full of shine for days on end.

3 in 1 Hair Skin and Nails Oil 4 oz.
Ingredients, Nourishing cold pressed oils. Contains tree nut oils. If allergic, please avoid using. Non-pathalate frag. oils. lemongrass oil

How to Use .Apply a small amount to scalp and lightly massage into scalp. 2-3x a week. Apply at night and apply satin scarf to tie hair down and keep smooth.

Gimme Moore Hair Oil

How to use. Wash and Condition hair.Warm product in a bowl of of steaming hot water for 10 mins. Section hair into 4 sections. Apply about a quarter size of product to each section, focusing on scalp and massage into hair gently working product to ends of hair. Massage product in to hair until softened and elongated . Using a wide tooth comb, comb product through hair gently from ends to roots, while hair is fully saturated with product and when h