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Go-To-Beard Oil


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Moisturizing Beard Oil
-A blend of pure essential oils provide a masculine scent using Sandalwood and other pure essential oils

- Use after cleansing with the Peppermint Wash to cleanse skin and facial hair thoroughly

-Coconut Oil- rich in antioxidants, which prevents skin from cracking and promotes smoothness and prevents premature aging and wrinkles

-Jojoba Oil- known to heal psoriasis and acne. Noncomedogenic oil meaning it doesn’t clog pores causing hair growth in sparse areas. Although it’s an oil it has cleansing properties. Jojoba oil is rich in iodine, which fights bacteria, preventing breakouts. This powerful oil provides smooth and healthy skin.

Sweet Almond Oil- rich in Vitamin E provide a smooth and healthy look to skin and fatty acids in Sweet Almond oil help lock moisture into the skin and hair