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Tangerine Sugar Scrub 8 oz


Image of Tangerine Sugar Scrub 8 oz

The brightly scented Sugar Scrub is a great exfoliant. Goes great with a Citrus meadow body butter or a Mango Tango Body Butter The perfect way to remove dead skin cell and bring out the rejuvenated skin underneath You can't go wrong!!!

Ingredients: Raw turbinado sugar, apricot oil, avocado oil, citrus essential oils, lemon essential oil

How to use: First dampen skin on face and body. Apply product by 3 fingers full or on a spreading tool and rub in a circular motion on skin until the product dissolves or your skin is soft and smooth. Whichever occurs first. Then rinse thoroughly and apply Tame Beauty Strawberry Guava Lotion or Rich whipped body butter.

Can use up to 2-3x weekly on face/body