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Amber Lights Body Bundle


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Amber Body Scrub
Citrus Lavender Toner
Grapefruit Lotion
Description :

The smooth and Deep amber scrub will have you saying OOH and AAH., while you exfoliate the day and your cares away , with this skin rejuvenating Sugar scrub . Made for body only .
The Citrus Toner is a natural astringent to be used after a face cleanse to further remove dirt and oils . Reducing acne and helping to brighten skin.

Grapefruit Lotion is a natural and hydrating and soothing treat to dry skin and allows skin to breathe with its light feel .
Ingredients : turbanado sugar , grape seed oil,
Grapefruit lotion : sweet almond oil , distilled water , rose oil , citrus oils .
Toner : pure essential oils , distilled water .